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My whole life I’ve had these ideas and goals at its epicenter. I’m so excited to be able to open up my closets, storage units, crates upon crates of berried treasures, just for you. Over the past 20 years I have been blessed to be able to tour the world and to curate some of my favorite items along the way. I have been collecting and putting pieces together for years, just waiting to have the right time to set up a shop. It’s funny how life works and when you least expect it you are presented with an opportunity to finally put your dream to action. Being that the state of the world currently has stopped so many of us in our tracks. I’m grateful for the time I had to think, be introspective, pray, and get to work. With the help of some very special and hard-working people, I’ve been able to unearth some of the collectibles I’ve gathered and bring them to the light in a time when I think we could all use a little color and luxury. Every item was handpicked by me. There are no two alike. All handcrafted and individual just like you. All lugged back by me on buses, planes trains, and automobiles. I can now genuinely say every battle or act of grace shown to me while I stuffed suitcases in overhead compartments and paid for overweight baggage was worth it. So here I present to you my treasure chest…

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Handmade Colombian Handbags

Each bag is unique and one of a kind. These bags are handmade by artisan craftswomen in different regions of Colombia that I have visited over the years. They are vibrant and special just like the hands that made them. Perfect for trips to the beach, grocery store errands, or drinks out with the girls.