Texted by – Kelis

I remember growing up and watching my mom in her kitchen all in the zone.

My sister and I would laugh and tease her cause she had soooooo many kitchen gadgets. I mean from cherry pitters to cheese slicers and chinoises and China caps I mean we just would roll with laughter because she was obsessed with every tool for every job. And she was meticulous about how they were each cleaned and where it went in the flow in the kitchen.

So fast forward a few years, present day. Mike (my lovely husband) is always complaining about how much stuff we have and what’s the difference between a micro plane and a zester. LOL well yes, inevitably I am becoming my mother. So all though I might have taken this idea of “being prepared “ a teensy bit overboard, I will say there is a short list of KITCHEN ESSENTIALS. You know a few must-haves.

I get asked for quick easy recipes all the time, so I think there are a few kitchen gadgets that will make any task conquerable. And since everyday victories can change the way you approach your time in the kitchen I think this list is paramount. So here goes….

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