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Meat is NOT THE PROBLEM, PEOPLE! I repeat. MEAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The real problem is the mass production of meat. The terrible conditions, the weird feed cows are given, the hormones and antibiotics, the grain they do not have a gizzard to digest like chickens (we will get to the chickens) the unethical way they are sometimes treated and slaughtered.

I didn’t want any more half-truths. Meat had been given a bad rap. Being persecuted for the sins of others. And lemme tell you, friends, I can relate. So look here, All it takes is a little ingenuity, a tiny conversation.

Ladies, gentlemen, I urge you to get to know your butchers! He or she will love it. They are being pushed out by large chain stores, but do a quick search in your area. They are there. Walk in, make eye contact, smile and ask them about their products.  A little food education and human contact never hurt anybody.


Big box grocery stores have made everything so spectacularly convenient. Don’t get me wrong I love a little Target or Walmart moment as much as the next girl. But While having completely eliminated the conversation about what we are putting in our bodies.  Many in turn have transformed our nation into a bunch of hypnotized Stepford wives who just smile and take it. Just like the infamous words from En Vogue (secretly I wanted to be in the group) FREE YOUR MINDS AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW !!!

Look, there is an argument for everything. From one outrageous extreme to another. Just try this. With a quick tap on your phone, you might be surprised to know that there are droves of small farmers all over the country that are trying to do better. You know what, no. They ARE doing better. They are growing less quantities at slower pace to allow God and nature to do what it does so well without much help from us. For example, Pasture Birds or Autonomy Farms, Grow and Behold, Eat Wild, Grass Roots Coop, Moink Box, Tara Firma Farms, Seven Sons Farms just to name a few are genuinely better and ethical along with being far healthier and delicious choices. And it gets better , take it from a girl who adores delivery of honestly anything . You can have a box of pasture raised grass fed, beyond organic (don’t even get me started on that hogwash) fabulous chops, legs, and thighs oh my! On your doorstep in the blink of an eye. Look, there is an argument for everything. From one outrageous extreme to another


So here’s little food for thought. Is it really logical to just assume or be convinced that anyone has cracked the code on the perfect human diet?

Beyond the fact that culturally and physically we are all so diverse. Who really knows. What works for you may not work for someone else. All these doctors and clinical studies can’t all be right or wrong for all of us. I suggest we enjoy our lives and its simple pleasures while exercising a little moderation. So I’ll say it for all meat lovers alike. Don’t let these misinformed fear mongers steal your joy for that bone-in ribeye or lamb chops. Whatever tickles your fancy.

I’m not saying drop everything and only eat meat, but I suggest we enjoy our lives and its simple pleasures while exercising a little moderation. I hope to encourage you to check it out for yourselves and while you’re at it you can support our local farmers. They need us. Cause when you know better you can do better.

Let them eat meat!!!!! 

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